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Small mods and cheap ways to dress up your ride.

In this post we will be talking about and taking a closer look at some of the easiest and simplest ways of making your car feel so much more individual and enjoyable to drive.


In my opinion the simple gear knob upgrade can produce an entirely different feel to your vehicle just by changing what it is you control it with because let’s face it doing things like hitting corners with speed or making tight turns feel much more engaging and natural with an aftermarket steering wheel than that of what it typically offered on stock platform or the raw feeling of changing through gears with a gear knob much better suited to your grip or style is much more #racecar feeling in even the most tired and lazy 3 cylinder paddock bashers out there.

These mods are very much widely available for nearly every make and model out there so finding them isn’t quite as hard as some of the more refined mods I’ll be mentioning later and most certainly offer the biggest bang for buck feel out there.

With any mod there may very well be something required to make it fit or sit as nicely as it can so when purchasing your next gear knob or aftermarket steering wheel keep in mind that purpose made adapters may be required in order to fit the suppliers products.

The most notable will be a boss kit needed for steering wheel changes because the

steering assembly for each make and in sometimes model is unique that vehicle, fortunately these are also very widely available but it is recommended you source a well made kit as with any modification to ensure safety and correct fitment.

Another handy tip to remember while you are here is when replacing or changing the gear knob the shift boot cover that comes originally with the car may not fit or is just simply worn and this is a good time to get in there and replace or even upgrade this as well there a lot of different styles and patterns exist and usually cost no more than a couple bucks.


I know it sounds silly right a wheel nut is well just that a nut that holds the wheels on, this may be correct but this little trooper has also been a part of a rapidly growing trend of replacing the standard old nuts with all sorts of colorful and shaped designs with more and more styles being released each and every day.

A solid color theme can be carried throughout the car with these offering a cheaper and sometimes more “clean” look and it will always be cheaper than buying a new set of wheels with the color to match you desire and even better again allow the fitment of any style of wheel you like that fits your particular vehicle to be dressed up and custom coloring wheels can get very expensive very quickly.

Installation on these bad boys is very straight forward and requires very basic equipment, a little helpful tip is to lay off the rattle gun, as tempting as it is to zip a lug nut on and off with ease you will run the risk of damaging the finish on your brand new nuts so it recommended that you use a torque wrench and correct sized socket to safely do the nut up to required torque spec and minimize the risk of damaging that flashy new investment.


One of the biggest ways to change the look of your car bar a flashy paint job or body mods which usually carry a high price tag is to find if someone supplies aftermarket head or tail light options for your vehicle and furthermore upgrading the bulbs they carry to give you a fresher cleaner look or just make them more safe by producing more light.

Apart from just being simply “different” the lighting arrangement and light source used can often vary from that of a stock light housing with manufacturers tending to favor LED arrangements in their aftermarket solutions doing away with the old style bulbs completely so always check the specifications before buying to find out whether it is a plug and play style changeover or whether you may need professional advice to help adapt to the new system.

If the idea of a whole housing replacement doesn’t sound appealing to you and you still want to upgrade your lighting a simple bulb change out can do just that and often isn’t overly costly to do with a lot of suppliers offering conversion kits from standard halogen bulbs to a more efficient cleaner LED solution.

For more information on how each bulb type works a write up can be found on what to use here in one of our previous posts. https://modhound.com/headlight-spotlight/


As it suggests in the title use your imagination a good build is measured by quality and flow with all of its parts and features but most importantly how it feels to you is what matters the most it could be using vehicle wraps or a home hydro dipping setup to change up and customize interior trims or dropping the hood liner out and visiting your local fabric store to find a wicked material to reback it with all the way down to using quality sound deadening in your doors and boot for much better acoustic feedback through your sound system setup.

Modhound believe the best mods are the ones that come from the head and mind because that’s where the true unique and individual creations come from never be afraid to give it go.

More in depth guides and how to’s will become part of what it is to be a person within the modhound community to help everyone get in and make some of the most out there and slick mods found out on the scene.

As with anything posted by modhound we encourage everyone while making modifications to consult local law in regards to the changes being made.

Stay safe stay individual.

Headlight spotlight!

Hello fellow modders today we will be taking an in depth look into what is arguably the most tone setting mod for any build and that’s your headlights because after all it’s not about how you look at a car, it’s about how the car looks at you.

HID Xenon – Halogen – LED

If you are anything like me the first time you went looking for alternatives for your globes you hit with a few acronyms and no real idea of what any of them ment, so today Modhound is here to help you decide what best suits you, your ride, style and most importantly what each offers in terms of safety.

Forward is only advantageous when you can see where you are going.


Halogen bulbs have been auto makers go to source of lighting since the mid 1960s which feature tungsten filaments encased in a halogen gas filled bulb somewhat similar to that of your standard household light bulb.

For many years this has been the standard and most cost effective reliable way to produce light which is achieved by the tungsten heating up when the electrical current reaches the filament causing it to glow.

Halogen bulbs being the most common bulb are available in a huge variety with each independent manufacturer offering their own take on the technology to help them stand above the rest with even some of the most basic ones offering an improvement on the original manufacturers supplied bulbs, especially true on older cars.

HID or Xenon Lights

The HID or High Intensity Discharge form of lighting is achieved by a special housing containing a mixture of rare gases and metals which when heated produce a bright white glow which is typically two to three times brighter than that of a halogen bulb.

HID lights get their more common name as xenon lights for the xenon gas that exists within them helping to stabilize and reduce the flickering while the light itself heats up, although it typically takes a few minutes for them to reach their full brightness they stand well above halogen bulbs for brightness and have a distinct and attractive blue tinge around the cool white glow of the bulb.

Although typically it is very expensive to convert a standard halogen bulb housing to accept a true xenon upgrade this can be achieved by a HID conversion kit which are designed in such a manner that they will fit into a headlight housing that would only usually take a typical halogen bulb.


If the idea of solid long term lighting bulbs that produce very little heat when compared to it’s two other brothers excites you then look no further than the LED bulb replacement, the LED or Light Emitting Diode started life as a simple small very efficient lighting solution often found on the dirty cream coloured computer towers of old but have since found their way into nearly everything because they can produce solid light for extended periods of time and require very little power while doing so.

These little legends may not be quite as bright as a HID Xenon light but reach their maximum lighting potential with a millionth of a second giving full clear light far quicker than your eye can register and are widely available for almost any vehicle on the roads today.

A breakdown of pros and cons

Halogen – Cheap and available for nearly anything on the road today a solid and reliable source of lighting with hundreds if not thousands of different bulbs available to suit you needs.

HID Xenon – Brightest of the bunch but also the most costly, headlights that didn’t naturally come with this option can be expensive to convert and often require professional installation even when purchasing a HID conversion kit to suit your ride.

LED – Bright and dependable LED based lighting can be some of the most reliable and efficient sources of lighting used to give your standard halogen lights a much needed boost into the current generation.

Although any and all mods should be enjoyable please always ensure that what your do to your car is legal in your area before you do it.

What are your thoughts?

Feel free to comment below and let us know what your experiences with trying different bulbs are!

About ModHound

What is Mod Hound?


Within every car enthusiast lies a passion to modify their vehicle to a taste or style that may follow some guidelines but ultimately is a true reflection of self.

Like most, I was and still am very much one of these people however I’ve run into problems time and time again searching high and low for all the modifications that will fit my car across the vast plains of the internet more often than not failing to find what I was looking for to begin with.

To many times I’ve found myself lost in search engines looking up every word imaginable to find specific pieces I want to use in enforcing my style unto my cars and more often than not being knee-deep in forum posts chasing unicorn parts or the next big idea to set you apart from everyone else.


The aim for us here at Mod Hound is to offer a place showcasing a vast variety of mods and kits available from all over the world taking the pain out of accessing the parts for the customer and giving the next hardworking creator or supplier a step up into the spotlight to showcase what they have.

If you know of or are company offering a unique mod, kit, performance package and anything else automotive that would simply add to the feel of your ride you are more than welcome to leave any contact information below or email me at modhoundhq@modhound.com and I will be more than happy to help you get noticed and get what you have to offer out to the people.

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