What is Mod Hound?


Within every car enthusiast lies a passion to modify their vehicle to a taste or style that may follow some guidelines but ultimately is a true reflection of self.

Like most, I was and still am very much one of these people however I’ve run into problems time and time again searching high and low for all the modifications that will fit my car across the vast plains of the internet more often than not failing to find what I was looking for to begin with.

To many times I’ve found myself lost in search engines looking up every word imaginable to find specific pieces I want to use in enforcing my style unto my cars and more often than not being knee-deep in forum posts chasing unicorn parts or the next big idea to set you apart from everyone else.


The aim for us here at Mod Hound is to offer a place showcasing a vast variety of mods and kits available from all over the world taking the pain out of accessing the parts for the customer and giving the next hardworking creator or supplier a step up into the spotlight to showcase what they have.

If you know of or are company offering a unique mod, kit, performance package and anything else automotive that would simply add to the feel of your ride you are more than welcome to leave any contact information below or email me at modhoundhq@modhound.com and I will be more than happy to help you get noticed and get what you have to offer out to the people.

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